Drummond Island Ferry

Access to Drummond Island has always been by boat, be it an ancient canoe or the modern ferry, or any of a host of boat possibilities utilized over the years. At times it seems that the very pulse of the island is dictated by the Ferry Schedule and the flow of vehicles to and from the ferry boat docks. These boats and their crews have provided countless safe passages, to residents and visitors alike, across the DeTour Passage of the St. Mary’s River.
Your adventure begins with a one mile ferry ride across the St. Mary's River. The ferry, capable of holding 36 cars, crosses the river hourly bringing cars, passengers, trucks, and semi trucks across to the Island. There are no advance ticket sales. Vehicles line up in DeTour waiting to board the ferry. The round trip ferry fare is collected by the deck hand once you are safely on board.
‚ÄčOver 100,000 round-trip vehicle tickets and nearly 200,000 round-trip passenger tickets are purchased each year. The efforts and safety records of the boats and crews are a testament to the quality of service they provide.    

Drummond Island Airport

The Drummond Island Airport is centrally located on the Townline Road one half mile from the Four Corners. Bailey Services, LLC runs the airport. For additional information contact, Manager, James Bailey, 906-493-5411. You will find a unique experience, during summertime landings or take-offs the paved runway is between fairways #4 and #5 of the Drummond Island Golf Course. The turf runway is adjacent to fairway #9 and the driving range.