Drummond Island ATV and ORV Trail Map

While riding on Drummond Island... it is illegal to:
Operate an ORV on any wet lands, to include lakes, shorelines, swamps, bogs, marshes (wet or dry), streams or rivers, or ride on Great Lakes shoreline or beaches. 
Operate an ORV off the marked trail.   (Consult the DNR ORV handbook for further information)
Operate an ORV on private property, posted or not posted, unless you have permission from the land owner.
Operate an ORV on any State Highway including M-134.  
​​All Drummond Township and Chippewa County roads are open to ORV traffic.
Operate an ORV under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Operate an ORV without a helmet.
Operate an ORV with a passenger on a one up machine.
Operate an ORV on a closed snowmobile trail or ski trail.

ORV Speed limits are 25 mph on all county roads unless posted lower.​
You must ride single file on the far right side of the road.